EMDR Europe – Isabel Fernandez, President

Dear colleagues and friends, I would like to thank you so much for sharing so much work and so many challenges, but I also thank you for the great results that we have seen month after month. Many studies have been published this year and our search for science and knowledge is always evolving.

As usual, we have seen and witnessed trauma of different nature not only in our clients, but also referred in supervision meetings, in trainings, in our communities and also globally. As EMDR clinicians, we had the opportunity to not only repair the consequences but also to contribute to make survivors become even better persons after these experiences. This is what is guiding us and making us work with growing enthusiasm.

Our National Associations have strong roots in the ground and this is what makes them grow. So, I just would like to acknowledge for their contribution every member of your Association, every Consultant, the trainers of EMDR Europe and also your National Board. All of them and all of you have proven to work closely and effectively with the EMDR Europe Board, with the Chairs of our Committees and with the Executive Committee.

A professional community as ours has always made the difference and we need to continue making the difference in the coming year in our field, with our stakeholders and above all giving relief to our clients and to the populations that we reach and work with.

I wish you a great 2023.

Warm regards,
Isabel Fernandez
(EMDR Europe Association President)

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