EMDR UK – Forum Registration Update

All members should have now received an email (to their nominated Association email address) introducing the EMDR Association UK Forums that have recently gone live to all members.

If you cannot find these emails, do check your spam folder, but you can also login and reset your password using your Association email address at https://forum.emdrassociation.org.uk

Please do have a look at the videos below as well, which were also sent in the introduction email.

Introduction video by Justin Havens


Walkthrough videos

Video 1: Logging in (6 mins)

Video 2: Creating discussions and posting replies; subscribing and receiving email notifications (9 mins) 

Video 3: Reporting a post, editing profile, following guidance (5 mins)

For any issues with registration, including if you do not wish to receive the daily email digest summary, please contact hub@emdrassociation.org.uk

Justin, Dannie, Rae and Nadia (Forum moderation team)

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