Free EMDR Association UK membership for charity and public sector workers

Delivering EMDR for free? Become a member of EMDR UK for free! Following the popularity of free first year membership for NHS therapists, the Association is extending the offer to all EMDR therapists working in the public sector and charitable organisations where therapy is offered free at the point of delivery.

Matt Wesson, President of EMDR UK says:

“We’d like to forge stronger links with the charitable and public sector, acknowledging the fantastic work that is being done, providing EMDR therapy free to the traumatised client. Continuing to grow our membership means that we become a stronger community of EMDR therapists together.”

From Combat Stress to Freedom from Torture; the Ministry of Defence; social care and forensic services; there are many charities and public sector organisations offering EMDR therapy to those who need it. 

To become a member click the link below.

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