A new NHS/UCL competence framework for EMDR Therapy Zoom Training Event

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EMDR Association Free Webinar Event via Zoom

The live presentation has now taken place, but the recording will be available to members and non-members soon.

Recording is available to everyone here: Oenone Dudley – FREE WEBINAR EVENT


Presenter: Oenone Dudley  

29th June 2021 9:30 am start – 11:00 am finish


A new competence framework for EMDR has just been published by a team at University College London (Roth, Dudley & Pilling, https://www.ucl.ac.uk/pals/research/clinical-educational-and-health-psychology/research-groups/core/competence-frameworks-18 )

It was commissioned by Health Education England (HEE) for the delivery of EMDR for PTSD and also includes the application of EMDR for trauma in the context of other mental health presentations.  This training event will provide more details of the framework and how it shapes the use of EMDR in the NHS, particularly in IAPT.



By the end of the workshop, EMDR therapists will have a knowledge of the framework, how it impacts the use of EMDR in the NHS and how to use the framework to promote the development of EMDR therapy within NHS services.

1 CPD Credit will be applicable for EMDR UK Association members who attend this event.

The live presentation has now taken place, but the recording will be available to members and non-members soon.

The recording and certificates will be available after the event by following the links on this page: https://emdrassociation.org.uk/webinars/

To join EMDR Association UK as a member (currently just £60 per year) go to:  https://emdrassociation.org.uk/become-an-accredited-therapist/membership/


Oenone Dudley is a consultant clinical psychologist and an EMDR consultant.

She practised in the NHS for 30 years until last year. She now practises privately but also continues to provide supervision for EMDR within the NHS as well as privately. During her career she has worked in a variety of settings including primary care and secondary care, physical health and mental health, community mental health teams, in-patient services, rehabilitation and out-patient services. She managed secondary care services in Camden & Islington and NELFT and has also led psychosis services and delivered evidence-based interventions, including EMDR, to this client group. In NELFT she set up a supervision structure for EMDR to enable trained therapists to practise safely and work towards accreditation. She worked with Steve Pilling and Tony Roth for many years when she was in Camden & Islington, so when she was asked to co-author the UCL competence framework for EMDR she was delighted to have the opportunity to promote EMDR within mainstream NHS services.