EMDR and the Arts - Lee Anna Simmons



EMDR and the Arts

Lee Anna Simmons

Friday 1st December: 9.30am to 12.30pm online via Zoom

About the CPD Event

To introduce EMDR practitioners to how the arts can be and are being integrated to EMDR therapy and increase understanding of why and how the models work so well together. To share arts exercises that therapists who are not qualified art therapists can bring to EMDR in all eight phases and for interweaves and that will also be useful for EMDR trained art therapists.

‘It would be great if you could have some art materials available and space to draw or paint whilst still seeing the screen.
Pencil crayons, felt tip pens, pastels, water colous would all be useful. Even just a few coloured biros, a pencil and paper would do the trick but the more the merrier.’

Learning Outcomes

Participants will have gained understanding of how art can be integrated to EMDR therapy. They will understand how to use symbols and colour in history taking: useful in ‘blind to therapist’. They will be able to provide bilateral stimulation with art materials; to use art in all 8 phases of the protocol without infringing on the art therapies protected titles.

3 CPD points have been awarded by the EMDR Association UK.

Cost:  £30 members   £45 non-members

The session will be recorded and will only be available for 28 days after the event.