EMDR in the Treatment of Depression Online Zoom Training Event


How to use the EMDR DeprEnd protocol

Dr. Arne Hofmann and Dr. Maria Lehnung

Severe depression is one of the most common mental disorders and affects between 15-20 % of the general population in their lifetimes. Although many interventions exist, the treatment results are often less than satisfactory. High relapse rates (ranging at 50% after two years), unsatisfactory remissions and suicidal risks are among the major problems.

A growing number of studies shows that stressful life events play a major role also in depressive disorders. Therefore, EMDR comes more and more into focus as a new intervention tool in the treatment of depressive disorders. In the last 10 years our study group has contributed to the 10 randomised controlled studies that show that

EMDR is at least equal to CBT treatment in depression (equivalence) but seems to result in more complete remissions. EMDR may therefore be a great contribution to the treatment of depression and also lead to a decreased risk of relapses.

In our workshop, that will build on the keynote presentation from the EMDR UK conference in 2020, we will give an overview of the evidence and focus on the practical application of our treatment manual, the DeprEnd protocol. We will explain the six steps of our protocol and discuss the “how to do” practical steps in detail. This will also include the work with the “Symptom event map” and a structured way to work with negative belief systems. As we are two presenters, practical clinical questions are – depending on time – welcome.  It will be a clinically focussed workshop.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding how the AIP model changes the view on depressive disorders
  • How to develop a practical treatment plan with the EMDR DeprEnd protocol
  • Knowing the practical clinical steps of the DeprEnd protocol
  • Recognising and working with negative belief systems
  • Recognising and working with depressive and suicidal states
  • Relapse prevention through the lens of the AIP model

CPD Credits:

For EMDR Association UK Members: 3 EMDR Association UK CPD credits have been awarded to this event.


About the presenters:

Dr Arne Hofmann is specialist for psychosomatic and internal medicine. He is head of the EMDR-Institute Germany and co-leader of an EMDR hospital Foreclosed on treating severely traumatised and depressed patients near Cologne.

He learned EMDR in 1991 during a residency at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California. He has introduced EMDR in the German speaking countries and founded the first psychiatric inpatient units for victims of trauma in Germany.

Dr. Hofmann is a founding board member of EMDR-Europe, a founding and honorary member of the German speaking society of traumatic stress disorders (DeGPT) and a member of the German national guideline commission for the treatment of PTSD. He is teaching, researching and publishing internationally in the field of psychological trauma, EMDR and depression. He has received several scientific awards, including the EMDRIA Award for outstanding research in 2018 and the David Servan Schreiber Award of EMDR Europe in 2019. For his work he was also rewarded with the German Federal Cross of Merit.


Dr Maria Lehnung, PhD, is an accredited EMDR Europe trainer.

She was a researcher and lecturer at Christian-Albrechts University at Kiel, Germany in the field of neuropsychology and developmental Neurobiology. Today she works as a Clinical Psychologist in her own practice. Also she teaches Clinical Psychology, mainly EMDR, and works as a consultant.

From her early starts working with EMDR Maria has been fascinated by this approach and always been interested to find new, creative ways of applying EMDR. Together with Arne Hofmann and others she developed and researched the concept for treating depression with EMDR.



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A video record of this event will be made available for delegates review until the 25th May 2021.