EMDR Therapy for Children with OCD

Thursday 1st December 2022: 6.30pm – 9.30pm



EMDR Therapy for Children with OCD
Dr Robin Logie

Brief Biography

Dr Robin Logie is a Clinical Psychologist who works with both adults and children. Using EMDR for more than 20 years, he is an EMDR Europe Consultant and Trainer. He was a member of the Board of EMDR Association UK and Ireland for nine years and was President of the Association for three years.

Robin’s particular interests include the use of EMDR with OCD, the Flashforwards procedure and the storytelling (narrative) approach with EMDR.

Robin runs Consultants Trainings in the UK, has presented on EMDR supervision at international conferences and is currently writing a book on this topic. 


This practical workshop will explain and demonstrate how EMDR can be utilised as part of a therapeutic package in the treatment of children with OCD. The workshop will explain how OCD differs from other psychological disorders and what the treatment implications are for this. I will describe how OCD manifests in children and the particular issues that arise in treating children with OCD. I will describe how EMDR can be used for OCD and then go into more detail about how EMDR needs to be adapted for work with children. Specific techniques relevant to OCD, such as Flashforwards, will be described and explained. The workshop will be illustrated throughout with case studies and video material.

I will share many of my mistakes – the best way of learning! – in order to assist workshop participants in avoiding such mistakes themselves.


The aims are to:

  1. Equip EMDR practitioners to work with children presenting with OCD


Presentation regarding the nature of OCD in children and how EMDR needs to be adapted to work with this client group.
Case studies and video to illustrate the above.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will:

  1. Understand OCD in the context of the AIP model and how EMDR is relevant to the treatment of OCD
  2. Be aware of how OCD presents in children and how EMDR needs to be adapted for children with OCD
  3. Understand how stand-alone EMDR is rarely appropriate for children with OCD and the elements of the comprehensive treatment package that includes EMDR
  4. Understand and know how to use specific EMDR strategies for treating children with OCD

3 CPD points have been approved for this event.