Psychedelic Integration with EMDR Therapy


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Date: 21.6.22
Time: 6pm
Duration: 2 hours
Name: Hannah Raine-Smith


I am an integrative therapist and a member of the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy. I have studied on the EMDR therapy masters at Worcester where my thesis, pre pandemic, was exploring working online with EMDR. I also studied on a cognitive neuroscience masters at Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre where I researched the neurobiological mechanisms of the psychedelic ‘empathogen’ 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and EMDR therapy. I’m currently pursuing a professional doctorate in psychological trauma with a focus on psychedelic integration at the University of Chester. I have completed additional training with the ALEF institute of transpersonal psychology as well as training with PsyCare UK, a charity that supports people on psychedelics at festivals. I am an active member of various psychedelic integration circles, and I am currently training in holotropic breathwork.


Psychedelic therapy is arguably the new frontier in psychiatry, and recent relaxation of the restrictions on access to entheogens for scientific research has led to a second golden age of psychedelic research. Government-approved psychedelic clinics run by psychiatrists and psychotherapists are emerging across the UK and there are already hundreds in operation in America. Despite the legal status of these substances for personal use in the UK, a large proportion of the population has access to them, and there is a need for therapists to understand these compounds and the profound positive and negative psychological effects that they can have.

There is understandable trepidation about these substances, which is partly residual misinformation from the Nixon administration’s ‘War on Drugs’ in the 1970s. Yet despite this, there is a growing number of therapists openly advertising their psychedelic integration work and clients are often relieved when they find a space where they can openly talk about their experiences. This training offers a brief introduction into the field and an exploration of the ethical and legal boundaries of offering psychedelic integration.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants will gain a broad understanding of the historical use of entheogens for healing.
  • They will also have an overview of recent psychedelic research.
  • Participants will begin to understand the legal and ethical boundaries of psychedelic integration in the UK.
  • Through the use of examples, participants will gain an understanding of how to utilise EMDR protocols to facilitate the integration of psychedelic material.


CPD Credits: For EMDR Association UK Members: CPD points have been applied for and will be announced shortly.