Proposal for tributes to Sian Morgan and Ericka Johanson

The EMDR UK Association Board wishes to propose tributes to the late Sian Morgan and Ericka Johansen, both much missed by the Association. 

For Sian, we would like to ask the membership to make nominations for the best innovation / service development / initiative involving EMDR in the charity sector or in the NHS. Please make nominations to The trophy will be awarded at the Annual Conference every two years. For Ericka, members of RGs and SIGs are asked to nominate their group in terms of its’ service to members and to the furtherance of EMDR. Committee members will not be able to nominate themselves. This should also be sent to This aware will also be made at the Annual Conference every two years.   Please email with the group/service you are nominating, making it clear why you are nominating this group/service and whether it is for the Sian or the Ericka Award.

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