Research concerning thinking styles in secondary traumatic stress

Research concerning thinking styles in secondary traumatic stress, specifically: ‘Negative Appraisals as a Risk Factor for Secondary Traumatic Stress: A Longitudinal Study in Mental Healthcare Providers.’

For healthcare professionals who might be interested in taking part in the above study. This study is supported by The Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training & Research.

We are currently recruiting mental health providers who, as part of their role, are regularly exposed to the details of traumatic events via their professional relationships with traumatised patients.

In our study, we are interested in whether certain thinking styles can make some professionals more likely to experience secondary traumatic stress symptoms. We hope that we can use this information to support practitioners to maintain their wellbeing.

We would be grateful if you could share this study with health care professionals who might be eligible and interested. Please see the attached participant information sheet for the project. If any of your staff choose to opt-in to the study, we will ask them to sign a consent form electronically using the survey client Qualtrics.

If any of your team members or colleagues have any questions or queries about the study and / or are interested in taking part, they can get in touch with Aleksandra Paksina, the principal researcher, at to discuss this further.

Please circulate the link below to your colleagues who wish to take part.

Thank you for your time!

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