South Central EMDR Regional Group CPD Event

The Soma in EMDR: Weaving Impulse Awareness into the 8 Phases of the Basic Protocol

Rex Brangwyn

Sat 18 Nov 2023. 9.30am to 4.30pm

The Spire, Poole. Dorset.

I am an experienced Osteopath and Kinesiologist, working in Brighton England, where I also have a Trauma Therapy practice. 
Following a wish to address trauma through EBM I studied a masters level Post Grad Diploma in Traumatology and PTSD, where I learnt CPT, IRRT, PE, NET, and other research-based modalities. I then studied for an MSc in EMDR with Derek Farrell at Worcester University.
My interest in the development of the Somatic representation in EMDR comes from: 
1.Many years of Clinical experience with trauma using manual techniques for all ages including the newborn
2.Running many personal growth groups with a strong embodiment component
3. 40 years of martial arts training, yoga, and other embodiment practices
4. Many years of Soma inclusive Psychotherapies, Hakomi, Bioenergetics, and EMDR
I found that EMDR basic training, Standard Protocol, and literature, revealed an underdeveloped understanding of the body, its capacities, and needs.
Somatic interweaves focus on sensation and miss the opportunities afforded by motor processing. 
However, efforts by somatic orientated practitioners to address this have tended to create complex protocols. 
This course introduces how the Soma can be addressed through the 8 phases to include the motor side (including processing) without learning long scripts or changing the Standard Protocol.

To present a proposal for introducing Impulse Awareness into all 8 phases of the EMDR Basic Protocol.

Affective Neuroscience, PVT, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Neurology will be used to substantiate this proposition.

The role of Impulse in Trauma, PTSD, and C – PTSD will be considered. This will be followed applying Impulse awareness to enhance all 8 phases of EMDR, including desensitisation.


  • Practitioners gain rationale, techniques, incentive, and confidence to weave Impulse awareness into each phase of EMDR.
  • Practitioners appreciate that this add-in could improve outcomes by including an essential part of trauma experience that has been underrepresented in EMDR literature.
That therapists can introduce this into their work the next day within their EMDR protocol.

The event, including refreshments and light lunch, is charged at





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